Kattankaapppiyum Kavithayum – 2013 report

The Malayalam Literary programme (Kattankaappiyum Kavithayum) has gained much popularity and acclaim through conducting programmes which were unique in their substance and their method. Topics for open discussions varied from Malayalam literature to socio-political and environmental issues. ‘Workshop on modern art (facilitated by artist Jose Antony)’, ‘When Delhi happens’, ‘Evening with Sarah Joseph- writer and social activist’, ‘Homage to Padmashri Sukumari’, ‘A journey though Malayalam film songs’, ‘Killing off Indulekha’, ‘Celebrating English – the film by Shyamaprasad’, ‘Poetry of Omar Khayyam’, ‘Selective screening and discussion on Aadaminte Vaariyellu-film by K G George’ were very well participated in. Many works in Malayalam literature were presented and well discussed. Towards the later part of the year, the focus got shifted to new writers and their works. This shed more light into the trends and modes of emerging writers. MAUK thankfully recognise the support extended by organisations like KALA, Kaumudi Europe and London Sahithyavedi in the successful conduct of some of our events. For the first time, ‘Kattankaappi’ found its way out of its home in East Ham in 2013. This was made possible with the cooperation of ‘Sangeetha of the UK’. While thankfully recognising their impetus in organising events at Croydon, it is worth mentioning that each event turned out to be a memorable one.

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