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Kattan kaappiyum kavithayum has evolved to become a movement to promote Malayalam language and literature outside Kerala which is hugely supported by Malayalee Association of the UK. There was no plan to launch such a 'thing' in the past. We, the Malayalee friends here in London were happy to embrace the news that our favourite poet O N V got ‘jnana peedham’ award for his literary contributions. The small group of like minded people gathered to celebrate the news at Kerala house on 8th October 2010. We preferred to call the meeting ‘Kattan kaappiyum Kavithayum’. It did not end there. Now every month ‘kattankaappiyum kavithayum’ happens either on the second Friday or on the second Saturday. There is nothing formal about. We do not believe in huge events, but in small happenings. We do not have a podium to separate the audience from the presenter. We generally sit in a circle. We discuss simple things about language, literature, cinema, drama, art, history, gender, culture and even food. We read stories, poems, lines from novels and drama and discuss about. Generally we sing (collectively) old Malayam drama, film songs at the end of every meeting in our own (rather rough) way. We definitely drink black coffee (with or without sugar). If, being happy for 2 hours in a month is a great achievement in life, that is what we derive out of the gathering. There is no agenda for future. We do not have very high visions or missions. Come and join if you like this philosophy. Malayalee Association of the UK is proudly supporting this small process. (Sorry we do not give awards to anybody)

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